Step into the culinary and mixology realm of Platform Thonglor, where each dish and drink tells a story of creativity and passion. Our menu is a celebration of diverse tastes, blending the fiery zest of contemporary Thai cuisine with the comforting elegance of Western favorites. Delight in our expertly crafted dishes, from aromatic Thai specialties to classic Western fare, each designed to offer an extraordinary dining experience.

Elevate your senses with our signature cocktails, inspired by global destinations and stories – from the heritage-infused '30's History' to the enchanting 'Platform 93⁄4'. Our mixologists artfully blend premium ingredients to create drinks that are not just beverages but experiences in themselves.

For those who savor exclusivity, our selection of premium Champagnes, including the illustrious Armand de Brignac and Dom Perignon, and top-shelf liquors in grand formats like 6L Grey Goose, awaits to indulge your tastes. Each choice is curated to complement our culinary offerings, ensuring a harmonious symphony of flavors.


Whether you're in the mood for the fiery and complex layers of Thai flavors or crave the comforting, refined tastes of the West, our menu caters to every inclination. Platform Thonglor isn’t just about enjoying a meal; it’s about experiencing a fusion of cultures and tastes. The lively and engaging atmosphere of our venue sets the perfect stage for socializing, celebrating, and indulging in an eclectic mix of the best of both worlds.



Our drink menu weaves a story of global flavors, from innovative cocktails to revered classics. We boast a selection of premium Champagnes, wine and spirits, including exclusive large-format bottles for those who want to splurge and for special celebrations.