Platform Thonglor

Platform Thonglor isn't just a nightspot, it's the central station of Bangkok’s high-life after sunset. We kick off the evening with culinary creations that are as bold and exciting as a first-class journey, setting the stage for a thrilling escapade in Thonglor’s neon-soaked streets. As twilight signals the night's start, our bar comes alive, concocting libations that light up your socials and electrify your taste buds.

When night fully embraces the city, we switch tracks from sophisticated dining to the electric buzz of a club atmosphere that has the whole city abuzz. Feel the pulse of the VOID system as it turns beats into an art form, each note a stop on this late-night express. Here's where the aficionados of Bangkok's rhythmic heart and the connoisseurs of the night converge, all on board for the journey through the city's vibrant pulse.

Platform Thonglor is more than a destination; it's a narrative of unforgettable nights, a series of moments painted in vibrant strokes of neon and reverberating bass. This is the spot where Bangkok’s bold night scene finds its voice, raw and unfiltered. No detours, no delays – just pure, undiluted nightlife.